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[Faded Edge] called a wiver which hath a very [Faded Edge]angros bone which must be taken out before [Faded Edge]hey be dresed at each side of the head which [o?]n [Faded Edge]ust be cut of if it shold hapen to run in to the hand it is so venomes it will be apt to gangren

AD To make Soft new milck cheses

Take new milck and set it as it coms from the cow and when it is cume take it up and lay a thinn cloth in your moot and so put it in by degs [Faded Edge]ees and let the whay soke out of it selfe and then when it is all in then lay the cloth upon it and a [Faded Edge][?]o lo[?v?]re one it but it must be a very thinn light one and noe wait at [scratched out]all laid one them and keepe them in wet cloths turned often and be sure to ringe the cloths very hard that you turne the in then salt them a litell one both sids an then when you think they are salt an nufe wipe the dry and lay them in dry cloths and let them lye in dry cloths for 2 or 3 days and then lay them in grass and chang them every day but let it be very dry the gras or you may lay them in as [Faded Edge]en leaves or in netells or in rushes lay them in a [Faded Edge][?]ry rome and keep them turned every day and [Faded Edge][?]hey will be redy to eat in a short time if you [Faded Edge][?] ut could water in to you new milck cheses it will make them much the betar and then they [Faded Edge][?]e called slip cote cheses if the milck be not

[Faded Top Edge] [?]fe you must set your milck [Faded Edge] [Faded Edge][?]etell of worme water in the thing you set [?][Faded Edge] [Faded Edge]s in and when it is worme then set it with y[?[Faded Edge] [Faded Edge][?]enat which is for new milck cheses this is a g[?][Faded Edge] way you may make them with all creme if you [Faded Edge][?]eas or sume creme and sume new milck togethe[r][Faded Edge]

To fech of the Tan from the face LD

Sques the Juce of lemone into new milck till it turns cleere and then wash the face with it it is very good for children to wash with in sum[?][Faded Edge]

For the face

Take may dew of barley befor the sunne be upon[?][Faded Edge] it is much the betar then set it in the sunne all the sumer and then wash the face with it:::

An other wash for the face CP

Take butor milck and let it stand till it be[?][Faded Edge] very soure and stink and then wash the face with it will make the face smoth and good for[?][Faded Edge] heat::

To pickel coucombers Ms[scratched out]

Take your cowcombers and wipe them cleane and then make pickell for them take water and salt and whit wine and vineger and boyle it well togethe[?][Faded Edge] and then take it from the fire and poure it seth[?][Faded Edge]< hot to your cowcombers in your crock and cover them very close and so let them stand all night and the next day pour the lickers from them and [Faded Edge][?] it scalding hot againe and poure it [?][Faded Edge]



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