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St Against the plage

Take 2 sponfulls of Red Rose water and put into it one drame of the pouder of the root of angellica worme it a [?itell?] and drink it as sone as you think your selfe ill:::

st A water for the Stone

Take ueruen and [?endefe?] by equall porcion and still than and this is good to break the stone:: Allso the distilled water of bitany is good to break the stone:::

st A marucles comfortable water against the akinge of the stomack and the cause a woman to have natruall corces that have bene a long time stoped good for digescion against poyson or the plage or any manes a A gew the stone paine in the rains of the back and [?dineers?] other greefs

Take wild Angellica one handfull egremony mugworth wormwood oucnce bitany scabiousse reckle boneworth ribworth dayseys roots and leaves brambles leaves bugell of each a handfull wash them cleane and stampe them and take 3 pints of whit wine 2 ounces of ginger findly scraped and grosly beaten stepe then all one in the wine a day and a night close covered a day and a night close covered then still all:

together in a limback take of it on the [Note: edge damage] sponefulls and as much to bead ward and as [Note: edge damage] ch. [Note: illegible marking] in the after noone for the plage give it with a litell metredate:::

st To make oyle of almonds which is good to anoynt the stomak for ther cofe and for the splene and for defness droping in to one eare 2 or 3 drops to bedward stoping the care after with a litell wood

Take bitar allmonds halfe a pound blanch them and stampe them very fine wormwood 1 handfulls bruse it and then steepe them all night in halfe a pint of sallet oyle and then still it with a soft fire:::

st To Disteill a cok to drink for a consumcion

Take a red cock with the stones and comes of the same cock and cut it in peces and still it then take to it a quart of read wine a quart of whit wine and a quart of thick creame halfe a hunkfull of plantan leaves as much of liver worth as much of lungworth and still then alltogether in a still and drink evey morning and evening [Note: mark out] tener if you will:::

st For the pills

Take garlike rosted stampe it well and oyle of baye and stamp both together anoynt the



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