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[note: edge damage] st [?lay?] it to eight nights making fresh every fr esh [note: "fresh" is line broken] other [note: "other" is added later in smaller text] night :::

And other For the same

Take a pece of leanen as big as a good bige aple creme it in to a posnat put to it a sponefull of Red Rose water and as much vinegar a few dryed Rose leves boyle this to a stife poultice then spread it upon ad oth the bredth of your forehead and all most the leng ht and grate it thick one with nutmege and lay it to each tempell and one plaister one the forehead this things beyled with 2 o 3 sponefulls of Aquauite and lay it to the nicke behind is allso very good for the p aine of the head if your prove the paine of the head c ome of heat which you shall gess by thes sines if they cannot sleepe if there eyes be apt to be tender if they bee hie culered and have a quick pulce use this last medison with out aquauite or with sume other coli ng things to make them sleepe put to the same med ison the [?Fuee?] of letice womans milkek and strow on popey seedes brused with nutmege if the caus be co uld which you may perceive by the contrary of the ot her then use hot medisons for gidiness of the head drinke Cardus benadictus soden in bere or steped in beare with a litell nutemege st in it often :::

For the megrone

[note: faint "W" mark]

Take a bulls galle as much Aqua composative and as much senegreene beat all thes together and put it in a glass then put your fore head against

the fire then take a linen cloth 4 dubell the lenght a nd bredth of your forehead and tempells and wet [?the?] said cloth in it and lay it to a morning and night w hen you goe to bed the space of 9 dayes :::

To Comfort the Braine

Take Cow dunge and make a plaister there and bind it to a bout the head :::

For the head

Take a handfull of comen seeds beaten to pouder and a handfull of Anyseeds made in to pouder a ha ndfull of great salt beaten small a handfull of whit braine then put them in a frying pan and fry them together till they be worme then take mamsey vinegere and sack and sprinckle thereon that dune put them in to a cloth and quilt in it and put it upon a cha fing dish of coales with a quantity of sack and sti ll turne it till it be allmost dry then lay it to the grefe and let the quilt be noe biger then the greefe :::

===For and Ache that heh in the fore part of the head=== Take the white of an eye with Rose water and vineg er and sture them together and wet flaxe ther in and lay it to the fore part of the head :::

For and Ache that lyeth in all parts of the head



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