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the surope doe not jelly let it boyle yet langer an keepe sume to fill up the pots the next day :::

To preserve Damasens or peare plums

Take the fairest plumes with out spots way them with suger waith for waith take as much water as will melt the suger and boyle it to a candy hight with your plumes to the stones and put them into the surope then take them from the fire and cover them with a dish turning them now and then so when they are all most could set them one the fire againe and let them boyle softly then take them ofe againe and cover them with a dish doe this 4 or 5 times the last time let them stand 3 or 4 hours then boyle them up as fast as they can in dure with out breaking so put in the plumes into glases and boyle the surope a while after till it jelleys put sume to the plumes let the Rest stand till it be could :::

To Make Cleare Caks

Take your frute and put it in a pot of boyling water cover your pot close and straining out the juce every quarter of and houre Take a wine pint of the juce to a pound of suger wet the suger with water and boyle it to a [?hie?] candy worme the juce blud worme and put it to the suger so take it from the fire put in sa [note: edge damage] er and put it in a stove and dry it :::

How To preserve Sitarns

Take your sitarns and cut them in quarters pare all the yelow ofe them and put them in a pan of water and let them boyle a good pace when the water begin to be be bitar have redey and other pan of water redey to boyle and let them boyle till they begin to bee tender then take them forth and lay them in all oath that they may be very dry so way them and to 2 pound of sitarns take 4 pound of suger puting into the preserving pan and ade ther to 6 pints of water then put your sitarns ther in to and set them one the fire as they boyle scume them as long as any scume will arise then tak 3 or 4 orenges acording to the bigness and cut ofe all the yellow and mince the white very small when noe more scume will rise put in the orenge meat in to the surope let them boyle till they surope be a litell canded then put then put them in to a letell gally pot and let them stand neere a fire for a week when they are redy to take up put in a litell musk :::

A Shaking puding

Boyle a pint of creame with with mace and ginger and nutmeg cut your spice in peces so when it hath boyled a while put to it the whits of yelks of 5 eges and 2 whits well beaten a few allmonds well stamped and strained with a litell creame and rose water mingled together with 14 2 sponfulls of [note: illegible] e



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